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What is 10KTF?

World renowned craftsman Wagmi-san, famous for the most grailed accessories, recently set up a shop in New Tokyo called 10KTF.

Depending on the day, Wagmi-san might create accessories for Apes, Cats, Wizards, Toadz… it’s really up to whatever he’s in the mood for. A man of honor, he only makes objects for customers who own parent NFTs. His accessories are 1 of 1 digital objects that will only be created once.

Life is good. But he’s still required to pay for protection to keep his shop open. It’s better than the alternative. After what happened last summer, he can’t let that happen again.

Each item available on 10KTF collection requires the user to own the corresponding parent NFT in order to create their derivative accessories. For example, for Ape High Tops, only owners of a Bored Ape can create and mint an Ape High Top. Moreover, only one Ape High Top can be minted for each Bored Ape, so there can be at most 10,000 Ape High Tops created, one for each respective Bored Ape. In addition to the 10KTF collection, Wagmi-san's costumers that hold 10KTF Stockroom tools and materials can now use them to craft blank items. Blank items can be used to create their desired derivative NFT.
Blanks are digital items crafted by Wagmi-san that can be brought back to his shop to be turned into a final finished item with the art of your desired parent NFT on it. The desired parent NFT must be a collection supported by 10KTF, and you must own the parent NFT in the same wallet as the blank.
For our genesis collection, Wagmi-san has crafted High Top shoes and Daypacks for holders of certain PFPs. For later collections, Wagmi-san needs your help collecting the neccessary tools and materials in order to continue his craft.
Genesis minting is now closed. The only way to get new items is by crafting blanks using tools and materials. Follow us on our Discord server for more detailed information.
10KTF utilizes a purpose-built ERC 721 compatible smart contract to enable users to craft derivative NFTs from their existing NFTs. Our smart contract ensures that only the current owner of the NFT is able to create the derivative NFT and that only one NFT is minted for each corresponding parent NFT.
Each 10KTF item is unique (1 of 1) and corresponds one-to-one with the parent project NFT. So for a 10k project, there will only be at most 10,000 variations of the item and only one of each variation available.
Currently 10KTF items are purely digital, however, Wagmi-san has ambitions beyond the metaverse.
Yes! Send us your suggestions. However, please note that 10KTF items can only be created for NFT projects that grant commercial rights to their owners.
Currently our site only supports Metamask. In order to use 10KTF please load the wallet that contains your NFTs into Metamask.
If you are having trouble you can try the following steps:
  1. Update Ledger Live, Ledger Device Firmware, and the Ledger Ethereum app to most recent version.
  2. Turn on Contract Data and start the Ethereum app on your Ledger device.
    1. Select “Settings”
    2. Select “Allowed” on Contract Data
  3. Make sure Ledger Live application is active and Device Bridge is Open
  4. Try both Chrome and Brave. Sometimes one works and the other doesn’t.
  5. Try disabling/uninstalling Metamask plugin in the browser and then re-enabling/installing Metamask.
  6. If you are being quoted an extraordinarily high gas fee in MetaMask, you will need more ETH in your wallet to get a proper quote.
You can join our community Discord or email [email protected] to talk partnerships.